Atum-Ra Ascendant

A Bloody Start

The party begins the campaign on the arena floor.

The party, each for their own individual reasons, entered the Trial of Absolution in Ramet during the week long Festival of Absolution. In the Trial of Absolution they are expected to survive bouts of gladitorial combat in the Aret-Ra, the largest arena in Ramet. If they survive they gain absolution from the Sorcerer-King ruler of Ramet, Atum-Ra. The party became a group by merit of being those closest to the gate leading into the arena. During their day in the Aret-Ra the party faced off against pathetic slaves (which they seemed to have no moral dilema about slaughtering before the crowd), savage silt-runners, experienced gladiators and finally against the brutal Champion of Ut-Ramet. A huge minotaur, former officer of the Ut-Sekar, Krayd the Butcher was almost too much for the party to handle. One of their members, a shifter who introduced himself to the others only as Druid McDruidson (surely not his real name) was felled by a great sweep of Krayd’s massive axe, a blow that propelled his lifeless body across the arena floor to the great delight of the blood thirsty crowd. The remaining members of the party were successful in bringing down Krayd and thus survived to earn their absolution. Just prior to this final match the party noticed Ut-Farrach Corrac speaking privately with Suldan, Junior Blade Master of the Aret-Ra. After this conversation Suldan made a change and instead of the weak and unskilled rabble he was going to send in to face Krayd he instead sent the party. After the gladiatorial matches were through a presentation ceremony was held in which Farrach Atum-Ra bestowed his absolution on all those who survived the day in the form of a coin each man or woman or insectoid could use to gain freedom from monetary debts they may have accrued or keep as a symbol of a trial completed to absolve themselves of some personal guilt. Atum-Ra broke with tradition during this ceremony in descending from his viewing box and personally dispensing some of these coins, specifically to the party. He also bestows on the party the title of Champion of Ut-Ramet in place of the deceased Krayd. This is met with approval from the upper classes and disapproval of the lower classes (who’s ‘champion’ the party will apparently be). Once the ceremony was complete the party was invited to stay and observe the final spectacle in which a race of what they could only assume to be elves slaughtered a beast giant with nothing more than bone knives and their bare hands. It is widely rumored after the spectacle that these elves form some new cohort of spy’s and assassins for the the Farrach and this was meant as a display of power to intimidate anyone thinking of dissension.



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