Atum-Ra Ascendant

The Cult Conundrum: Part Four

After their reception as heroes for rescuing the pilgrims the party decided to stay with the Worshipers of the Life Tree for a time. They spend some time learning of the Worshipers ways and skeptical Todd presses Honoured Voice for more information about the Life Tree and the Worhsipers, still afraid of being tossed down the crevasse as a snack. Eventually Todd and the party is convinced the Worshipers have no hidden agendas, or at least none that involve being made into a four course dinner for the Life Tree. They come clean to Honoured Voice that they were told the Worshipers were a nefarious cult and were sent to locate their encampment. Honoured Voice is a little dismayed but does not seem overly worried. She seems confident that the power of the Life Tree would ensure that no enemy with truly evil intentions could find their way to the encampment. It is not long after this however that this confidence is proven to be misplaced. Horns sound from outside the encampment and everyone rushes to the walls to find themselves besieged by an army. It is Atum-Ra and his soldiers. They claim they have come to commune with and protect the Life Tree. Honoured Voice is convinced by Yanech and the Party that they are here for no such thing and so the Worshipers resolve to resist. Yanech guides the party to a breach in the walls that he asks the party to defend. When the attack begins, with conscripts and slaves, they are initially hesitant to attack the breach and the formidable looking party. Soon though a wicked looking halfling witch appears and goads them into attacking. The party deals with the riff raff and prepares for the real assault by the soldiers. When the attack comes though they are again left unmolested. The party overhears one leader recognizing the party and stating they were not to be attacked on Atum-Ra’s orders. The battle does not last long, the worshipers being no match for Atum-Ra’s soldiers. The party finds themselves surrounded and forced to surrender. They are taken to the Life Tree where the survivors have been rounded up. Finally Atum-Ra makes his appearance. He begins a magical ritual of some sort, appearing to be using the bodies and life force of the surviving worshipers to fuel it. Honoured Voice tries to stop him and they engage in some form of arcane battle although with little outward displays to indicate such. Finally something breaks and with a crack of in rushing air all the remaining worshipers disappear and Honoured Voice crumbles into ash having sacrificed herself. Still needing a source of power to complete the spell, there is a backlash of energy and a wide swath of Atum-Ra’s soldiers are consumed and fall to the ground dead. With a loud crash the Life Tree splits apart down the centre, the two halves peeling away from each other. Revealed in the centre of the tree sits a massive glowing orb of yellow energy. Atum-Ra seems to absorb this orb of energy and then departs with is forces, leaving the party alive and alone in the encampment. They burn the dead soldiers and cast the bodies of the dead worshipers they can find into the crevasse as was their custom. They then gather what supplies they can and travel back to Ramet, to the Jarresh Consortium’s compound.



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