Atum-Ra Ascendant

The Cult Conundrum: Part One

A halting start.

With some of the party still recovering at the Jarresh Consortium Compound and Human McRogue returning from whatever shadowy business he was on the party sets out into the city. They wander around rather direction-less for some time, peering into shop windows but without the coin to buy anything they really want. Eventually they find themselves, at the suggestion of Human McRogue, outside the Temple of Atum-Ra. A large pyramid shaped building north east of the Palace, the Temple is the administrative heart of the city. It is here that supplicants beseech the Farrach (or more likely the Ut-Farrach or one of the Theochs) for favour or remediation of disputes. As a side note local disputes are usually handled by Nomachs or ward councilors/mayors of which there are three in Ramet, one for each district. The party mills about outside the Temple and Human McRogue make a nuisance of himself to the Temple guards but has the good sense at least to leave before getting arrested. After a bit more window shopping the party returns to the Jarresh Consortium Compound to find a few of the Sekar waiting for them. Human McRogue reconnoiters the situation after which Bug Man Todd, Hairy McShifter and their new friend Ugh the half-giant agree to just go and see what the Sekar want with them (meanwhile Human McRogue follows from a safe distance).

The party is escorted back to the Temple of Atum-Ra and this time gain entrance (except for Human McRogue who hides out behind the designated and clearly marked “rogue loitering bush”). The party are taken to a room high up in the building where they are presented to Corrac. The room is richly appointed with a series of columns supporting an arched ceiling, in the centre sit a small throne on a dias where Corrac sits listening as a well dressed man implores him about a trade agreement. In the back of the room, sits a far larger and more ostentacious throne cloaked in shadows, upon this throne sits Atum-Ra, with his golden mask it is impossible to tell if he is paying any attention at all to the activity in the room.

Once Corrac is done with the well dressed man he motions to the guards who brought the party in and they prod them forward to stand before his throne. He explains to the party that there have been problems recently with a cult that has been operating in the area. This cult has apparently been raiding trade caravans which is beginning to take a toll on Ramet’s economy. They have also been sending their operatives into Ramet, primarily Ut-Ramet to proseletize and gain new converts. There has also been word that the cult has actually been kidnapping people and inducting them into their activities. The Farrach is concerned about the toll this cult is having on the well being of his subjects and wishes the party to investigate. Corrac would like the party to simply determine the identity of any ring leaders that may be residing in Ramet and more importantly the location of their base of operations that lie somewhere outside the city, hidden in the endless dunes. The party, surmising that they have little choice but to do the Farrach’s bidding or end up dead or worse, agree. Corrac makes a vague promise of remuneration that the party finds hard to believe they will ever see. Before they leave Atum-Ra beckons Corrac to speak with him, Corrac does so and returns to the party and declares “The Farrach would like the new members of your group to have a token of his appreciation. He hands Ugh and ”/campaigns/atum-ra-ascendant/characters/hairy-mcshifter" class=“wiki-content-link”>Hairy McShifter each a golden coin, the same coins the party received at the Festival of Absolution. He also gives one to Bug Man Todd for their “rogue friend”. The party departs and collects Human McRogue from the collection of other rogues waiting at the rogue-bush.

To be continued…



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