Tag: A Bloody Start


  • Todd

    Played by Adrian. Todd is weird. At least by mammal standards. Achievements: *Natural Orator* (100 xp): Read the last sessions synopsis to the group at the beginning of a session. *Don't accept gifts from strangers* (100xp): Be the first in the …

  • Rubia (aka Hoppy McOnefoot)

    Played by Kristin. A halfling shaman who has lost a foot by falling into lava right after cleverly figuring out a way past a bunch of nasty, nasty fire elementals. Kristin delete this and fill in the pertinent details.

  • Rikstout McDwarferton

    Played by Drew. An occasionally inattentive dwarf warrior who relishes in coming in at the last moment to cleave his foes in half. This happens abnormally often. Drew fill this in with the pertinent details.

  • Krayd ik'Ramet

    also Krayd the Butcher, Krayd Hero of the Ut-Sekar, Krayd Champion of Ut-Ramet. A minotaur and former officer of the Ut-Sekar. Krayd was ejected from the Ut-Sekar and remanded to the arena to fight in gladiatorial combat for the remainder of his life. …

  • Suldan ik-Ramet

    Blade Master Suldan ik-Ramet is, as his title makes clear, a Blade Master of the Aret-Ra in Ramet. As a Blade Master his duties include training gladiators and arranging matches. There are a number of blade masters in each arena in Ramet. The Aret-Ra …