Tag: Ramet


  • Zanril

    Zanril is the administrative head of [[The Jarresh Consortium | The Jarresh Consortium]]. Zanril hired the party to locate and escort a late trade caravan coming from the free city of Tyr.

  • Atum-Ra

    Atum-Ra. Ruler of the City-State of Ramet and Sorcerer-King. A human wizard. Atum-Ra is rumored to be a practitioner of defiling magic. Legend has it that he built the temple of Ramet from the stone of the cliff with only the power of his mind and then …

  • Corrac

    Assistant to Atum-Ra. A male halfling. Corrac handles much of the day to day duties of ruling the city.

  • Krayd ik'Ramet

    also Krayd the Butcher, Krayd Hero of the Ut-Sekar, Krayd Champion of Ut-Ramet. A minotaur and former officer of the Ut-Sekar. Krayd was ejected from the Ut-Sekar and remanded to the arena to fight in gladiatorial combat for the remainder of his life. …

  • Kar’tesh

    A gnoll the party saved in the ruins of Bastet. Kar'tesh helped the party during their battle with the War Master of Bastet on their way to finding a way out of the ruined city. During this battle Hairy McShifter overheard Kar'tesh shout the name Atum' …

  • Suldan ik-Ramet

    Blade Master Suldan ik-Ramet is, as his title makes clear, a Blade Master of the Aret-Ra in Ramet. As a Blade Master his duties include training gladiators and arranging matches. There are a number of blade masters in each arena in Ramet. The Aret-Ra …