Tag: The Lost Caravan


  • Flint (aka Hairy McShifter)

    Played by Travis. A shifter the party rescued from the lost caravan. He no doubt has a long and glorious history filled with adventure. h3. *Achievements* *Natural Orator* (100 xp): Read the last sessions synopsis to the group at the beginning of …

  • Heru ik'Ramet

    Heru ik'Ramet was rescued by the party while they were recovering a lost caravan for [[The Jarresh Consortium | The Jarresh Consortium]]. While adventuring with Heru the party noticed he has a strange ability to literally draw runes in the air which …

  • Imkatep

    Wearing only a loin-cloth Imkatep walks the dune wastes of Athas. Considered by most who meet him to be permanently sun-addled. He was recently picked up by a Jarresh Consortium caravan on it's way from Tyr to Ramet.