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  • Zanril

    Zanril is the administrative head of [[The Jarresh Consortium | The Jarresh Consortium]]. Zanril hired the party to locate and escort a late trade caravan coming from the free city of Tyr.

  • Heru ik'Ramet

    Heru ik'Ramet was rescued by the party while they were recovering a lost caravan for [[The Jarresh Consortium | The Jarresh Consortium]]. While adventuring with Heru the party noticed he has a strange ability to literally draw runes in the air which …

  • Kar’tesh

    A gnoll the party saved in the ruins of Bastet. Kar'tesh helped the party during their battle with the War Master of Bastet on their way to finding a way out of the ruined city. During this battle Hairy McShifter overheard Kar'tesh shout the name Atum' …

  • Imkatep

    Wearing only a loin-cloth Imkatep walks the dune wastes of Athas. Considered by most who meet him to be permanently sun-addled. He was recently picked up by a Jarresh Consortium caravan on it's way from Tyr to Ramet.

  • Suldan ik-Ramet

    Blade Master Suldan ik-Ramet is, as his title makes clear, a Blade Master of the Aret-Ra in Ramet. As a Blade Master his duties include training gladiators and arranging matches. There are a number of blade masters in each arena in Ramet. The Aret-Ra …

  • Honoured Voice

    Honoured Voice is an elderly human woman. She is the latest in a long line of individuals to be the vessel through which the Life Tree acts. She is essentially the high priestess of the worshipers of the Life Tree.