Atum-Ra: Sorcerer-King and ruler of Ramet.

At: Meaning high or upper.

At-Farrach: Meaning High King.

Atra Sefet: Head Blade Master of a gladiatorial arena.

At-Ramet: Meaning Upper Ramet. Also the district of Ramet largely populated by the nobility and wealthier residents of Ramet.

Atra-Sek: Title given to the captain of the Sekar.

Bastet: An ancient dwarven ruin. Bastet was once a sprawling underground dwarven city.

Corrac: A halfling and Ut-Farrach of Ramet. He rules over many of the day to day activities of Ramet and is widely suspected of being a defiling mage.

El: Meaning middle.

El-Ramet: Meaning Middle Ramet. The merchant and crafts district of Ramet. The middle classes largely reside here.

Farrach: Meaning king or ruler.

Farrach’Kho: Meaning Kings Knives. The title given to Atum-Ra’s personal cadre of assassins and spies.

Ik: Meaning ‘of’ or ‘hailing from’. Example: Heru ik-Ramet would mean Heru of Ramet.

Jarresh Consortium, The: A partnership of various small merchants gathered together to increase their ability to compete with the major trading houses.

Krayd ik-Ramet: also Krayd the Butcher, Krayd Hero of the Ut-Sekar, Krayd Champion of Ut-Ramet. A minotaur and former officer of the Ut-Sekar. Krayd was ejected from the Ut-Sekar and remanded to the arena to fight in gladiatorial combat for the remainder of his life. Some conspiracy theorists say this was directed by Ut-Farrach Corrac himself due to comments made by Krayd that were unflattering to the the Farrach. Krayd eventually met his death in the arena at the hands of a band of absolution seekers during the Festival of Absolution. Rumors abound that this too was the work of Ut-Farrach Corrac since Krayd was becoming too popular with the lower classes.

Mat-Sekar: Title given to the lieutenant or second in command of the Sekar.

Ramet: The ancient city state which the campaign will revolve around. Ramet resides along a cliff at the base of the Ringing Mountains, south of Tyr and north of Walis.

Ra: Ancient god of the sun. Disappeared with the rest of the deities in the ancient past.

Sekar: The Templars of Atum-Ra. The Sekar serve as Royal Bodyguards, Temple guard, assassins, elite infantry and special police to Atum-Ra. They are entirely made up of Gnolls.

Suldan: Junior Blade Master of the Aret-Ra, the largest arena in Ramet. Career rival of Tak.

Silt-Runners: Small, intelligent, humanoid lizards. Silt runners are primarily scavengers and raiders, when they raid an area they rarely leave anything intact, not even the bodies of their victims which they will normally consume.

Tak: Junior Blade Master of the Aret-Ra, the largest arena in Ramet. Career rival of Suldan.

The Trader’s Gate: The western most gate located in El-Ramet. Used primarily by traders and the merchant houses of Ramet for it’s proximity to many of the largest merchant compounds.

Ut-Farrach: Meaning Low or Little King.

Ut-Ramet: Meaning Lower Ramet. The district or Ramet where the low and peasant classes of Ramet reside.

Ut-Sekar: An unofficial term used to refer to the city guard of Ramet.

Zanril: Public face of The Jarresh Consortium. He handles many of the consortium’s public affairs, especially those dealing with mercenaries and hired contractors.


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