The Worshipers of the Life Tree

The Worshipers of the Life Tree were a group of people who lived in the desert near a massive tree they called The Life Tree. They were led by an elderly woman who was referred to as The Honored Voice. She apparently was chosen by the Life Tree to commune with it and lead the worshipers. Their goals seemed relatively wholesome, sharing the nourishment and healing properties of the tree, and spreading a message of cooperation and shared dependence. According to their legends the Life Tree had existed for as long as living memory served. It had always been there, and worshipers had always been there to tend it. The total number of worshipers was never known. The encampment at the Life Tree could only support a limited number of people but it never seemed to be a problem. As new people came to the Life Tree others left to take their message and way of life back to the oppressed and beleaguered people of the cities.

The worshipers received a mixed reception outside their encampment. Many saw them as charlatans and con-men at worst, or sun-addled dreamers at best. Their message and assistance was more easily accepted amongst the lowest classes of society who would grasp at any ray of hope. When they were noticed by authorities it was usually for stirring up the lower classes and they were most often charged with disturbing the public or deceit and ejected from the cities or towns without much harm.

Their end came when Atum-Ra, Farrach of Ramet located the tree and its worshipers. His armies decimated the encampment and its inhabitants. In a final climax Atum-Ra and Honoured Voice battled for the fate of the tree and its worshipers. Atum-Ra was victorious, killing Honoured Voice and the worshipers, sundering the Life Tree, and absorbing some kind of energy from its broken husk.

Notable Members included:

Honoured Voice
Yanech The Poor
Quelenna of the Silver Moon
Ammon el-Ramet
Gauthak Many-dunes
Aludra the Obediant
The Oben Brothers

The Worshipers of the Life Tree

Atum-Ra Ascendant canadrian