The world is savage. Life is brutal and short in Athas. The vile institution of slavery is widespread, and hundreds, perhaps thousands, are sent to their deaths every year in bloody arena spectacles. In ages past Athas was a verdant and lush world but the excesses of magic has left most areas a desolate wasteland. Every resource is scarce, food, water, metal, wood, everything except sand and death. Pockets of civilization exist in the form of City-States most ruled over by despotic sorcerer-kings bent on accumulating more and more power but afraid of over-extending themselves lest their rivals take advantage. Perhaps one of the most dangerous is Ramet, located in the south west of the Tablelands, nestled at the feet of the Ringing Mountains. Ramet is ruled by Atum’Ra an ancient Sorcerer-King who is rumored to have wrested his power from the now absent gods of old before the desolation. His hunger for power and the lengths he will go to achieve it grows with each passing year. It is under his shadow that heroes will rise, will they change the balance of power in Ramet? Is there hope on the horizon for those crushed under Atum’Ra’s hunger? Only time will tell.

Atum-Ra Ascendant

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