Atum-Ra Ascendant

A Traitor's Call: Part Four

After the party defeated the the torturers and freed the Athasian Archaeological Society they discovered a hidden passage leading down below the dungeons. A large group of guards, having discovered there was a break in, forced the party to take the freed prisoners down the passage rather than face their overwhelming numbers.

The rough, natural passage eventually let out into a natural cavern. It’s only feature of note being a pool of water at the far wall, near an area that looks to have caved in sometime in the past. The water in the pool glowed a dull, sullen blue. After spending some time attempting to dig out the cave in to find a way out of the cavern Flint decided to drink the water. After experiencing now ill effects the rest of the party and the prisoners also drank from the water. Things took a turn however when the water started glowing brighter and brighter. The party soon started to feel strange as the light grew brighter, with on last pulse their world went white, they experienced a falling sensation and found themselves back in the cavern. This time though the cave in was missing, the cavern intact. The pool of glowing water was still there but now there was a blue sphere of energy hovering over it’s surface. They also found themselves not in their own bodies. Todd was particularly concerned about his lack of a thorax. They somewhat figured out that they were not themselves but were still with each other, although there was an additional person with them. It was at this point they were attacked by a giant crystalline spider and her brood. The battle was going alight and it looked like perhaps the party could win through (after all they had a pool of healing water at their feet) when the unknown additional member joined the fray by backstabbing Flint. Flint fell face down in the healing pool which you’d think would be ok but it wasn’t. The mysterious young man killed the party and the surviving spiders before stepping up and touching the blue sphere.

Another flash of light and the party found themselves outside, standing in a courtyard with a large crowd of excited people staring up at an impossibly high tower. Again they were not in their own bodies. Some of them had beards, none of them had thoraxes. Some soft of mystical activity was happening high up in the tower, somehow related to a large inky black sphere rimmed in red light that was hanging high in the sky over the tower. Things once again went sour, something went wrong, there was a huge explosion and the party found themselves again somewhere else.

This time they were disembodied and high over the planet. Looking down over wide swaths of blue and green. Another flash.

The party is floating, disembodied, in a sea of inky black nothing. The only feature being a huge, massive white sphere of energy with ropey energy strands spooling off of it in all directions. Flint touched one of the energy strands and with another flash the party finds themselves dumped back on Athas, outside of Ramet.

Rather than go into Ramet (it is the Day of Reaping and none of them wants to get to close to the huge dragon sitting outside the city waiting for his 1000 slaves) the party finds a kindly stranger who will let them stay over for the night.

The next day the party goes into Ramet to arrange a caravan with the Jarresh Consortium to take them and the Athasian Archaeological Society members (who are once again with them) to Tyr where they will hopefully be safe from Atum-ra.

Also the party is themselves, but not themselves. It’s Pathfinder time. What else has changed though? The party is not so sure, they are not so sure they are even in the same timeline. For one thing the Sekar are no longer Gnolls, but black skinned elves.



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