Atum-Ra Ascendant

A Traitor's Call: Part Three

Into the dungeon, now to find the right prisoners.

The party decides to leave all the prisoners they have encountered so far in their cells as they think it unlikely any of them are the ones they are looking for. They figure they can always come back for them. Finding a winding staircase that only leads down the party descends. They find another level almost identical to the one above (except for the lack of a well room…Todd). They don’t find what they are looking for here either so they backtrack to the staircase and descend again.

The stairs spiral down and empty out into another corridor lined with cell doors. The defining feature of this corridor is a long rectangular hole in the floor. Light and cries of anguish emanate up from the floor below. Through the opening they can see down to another very large room. This one is not deserted. Like the one above devices of torture are scattered about the room, these ones however are occupied.

The party formulates a plan to draw one or two torturers up the stairs and ambush them by hiding in empty cells next to the stairs. Once Todd and Human McRogue are in place in the cells, Flint tries to bluff those below by calling downto them and pretending he has a new prisoner for them. This does not go to plan as he is immediately identified as an intruder and everyone from below rushes up the stairs. Todd and McRogue are trapped in their ambush cells while Flint engages in an archer duel with one of the torturers. The party dispatches the tortures with only one minor mishap when Flint tried to be fancy by running along the edge of the opening. One of the torturers takes this as an invitation to knock him down to the level below.

Down in the torture room the party finally finds the surviving members of the Athasian Archelogical Society. They release the prisoners and begin patching them as much as they can to get them mobile when one of the members insists they rescue the final member of their group, The Archivist. He was taken through a door in the back of the torture room by a master torturer they have heard refeared to as Fasheed and alternatively as The Nightmare. Human McRogue goes to the door to see if he can hear anything when door suddenly burst into a thousand splinters, injuring everyone in the room.

Through the door strides one of the tallest, brawniest people they have ever seen. Bare from the waist but for a ragged, soiled hood that covers his head and drapes around his shoulders. Around his waist is a black kilt and leather belt. Tucked into this belt are various wicked looking knives and sickles. In his hands is an overly large scythe, blood stained ill kept yet deadly looking an inky blackness seems to coil about and roll out from him.


I love that I can tell this was written on an iOS device. Yay auto-correct! :)

A Traitor's Call: Part Three

Haha, yes. I was sitting in front of the tv, typing on my iPad. iOS auto-correct for the fail.

A Traitor's Call: Part Three

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