Atum-Ra Ascendant

A Traitor's Call: Part Two

Further into the cave system, hopefully it leads where the party needs to be.

The party makes their way deeper into the cave complex. Coming across a dead end they are ambushed by a group of the undead lead by a brain in a jar. While the party makes themselves busy chopping down skeletons and zombies (who are attempting to drag various party members into their ‘love alcoves’) the brain in the jar dominates members of the party and try’s to have them throw themselves down an abandoned well. The party proves up to the task of resisting this compulsion though and makes short work of the brain in the jar (including a well placed arrow that hits the brain even while he was invisible).

The party determines the abandoned well must be the entrance to the dungeon and ascends the shaft (get your minds out of the gutter). The shifter went first as he was the best climber, and upon exiting the well finds himself set upon by three of the dungeons guards. He manages to hold them off long enough for the rest of the party to make it out of the well where Todd uses his teleporting power to plunge all three guards down the well shaft abruptly ending the fight.

Leaving the room with the well the party begins coming across prisoners of the dungeon locked in cells and realize they have no way of positively identifying the people they are there to rescue (members of the Athasian Archaeological Society). They start asking the prisoners for their previous occupations. They find various labourers and trades-persons, even one man claiming to be the Mayor of Ramet and another claiming to be a black market dealer named Teeg. They soon realize though that someone’s day job did would not necessarily exclude them from being, or prove them to be, a member of the society. They will have to think of another way forward or just rescue everyone.

To be continued…



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