General Geography

The Tablelands are bounded on the west by The Ringing Mountains (the name refers to the light headed feeling caused by the lack of oxygen one gets when traversing them) . A high and nearly impenetrable set of mountains. It is said that west of the mountains forests like those of old still exist called The Forest Ridge, but it is the domain of the halflings. A feral, cannibalistic race. Trade with the halflings is dangerous but not without it’s benefits. Their most valuable trade items are large and nutritious fruits the likes of which cannot grow in the low lands. Across the forest ridge, according to the halflings tales is a vast sea of grassland that they dare not venture into.

In the place of an ocean, the Tablelands, has a sea composed entirely of silt. The silt is dangerous as it is not capable of supporting the weight of humanoid creatures, and the particles themselves are extremely fine and get into the lungs quite easily. A strong wind from the Silt Sea can force people from nearby villages to remain indoors all day, though with a certain amount of water some people often make use of a mask-like object called a silter which is placed over the mouth and nose and kept wet in order to help the user breathe.

The silt actually becomes hard-packed a few metres below the surface, but this is of no help to a human as the level within the first two metres is extremely loose and fine. However, giants often make use of the packed silt roads further below and can be seen wading chest-deep through the silt. Humans have sometimes built crafts that can navigate these silt roads much like giants do, though the going is much slower and both humans and giants still have to deal with the creatures that live in the sea.

To the north of the Tablelands lies another mountain range, The Dreaming Crags. It is here that Menetnashte Rasui is makes his home, specifically in the large, active volcano at the heart of the mountains Rasui’s Roost. Unlike the Forest Ridge no race calls these mountains home. They are harsh and even more inhospitable than the Tablelands themselves. Sharp, steep crags. Deep, endless chasms. Earthquakes, unexpected lava flows and landslides are the least of the troubles faced by anyone who would be foolish enough to try to pass through them.

Far to the east the Tablelands are bordered by the Glasslands. An unimaginably massive field of obsidian populated only by roving bands of the undead. Where these undead came from no one knows, only that they converge on any living thing that enters the field and destroys it. Once long ago one of the sorcerer-kings (which one usually depends on the teller of the story) assembled an army and attempted to cross the Glasslands. After three months only the sorcerer-king returned with no word of where he had been or what happened to his army. No sane person enters the Glasslands, and no insane person who does has been known to return.

To the south the Tablelands are borderered by the Raging Sea. A large, constantly roiling, silt sea. What causes the seas constant motion is anyone guess but it, along with large and frequent dust storms makes travel on the Raging Sea perilous at the very best. Even the giants who have no qualms about striding the other silt seas in the Tablelands do not venture into the Raging Sea.

General Geography

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