Treasure Tracker

Treasure from The Change:

Here are the items of note you find on your new selves. Split them up however you’d like. In addition everyone has 200 gold bits.


+1 Bastard Sword


Elixer of Truth
Elixer of Vision

+1 Light Hide Shield of Fortification
+1 Gaj Shell Plate Armour
Cure light wounds (potion)
Shillelagh (oil)
Cure moderate wounds (potion)
Shield of faith +2 (potion)
Endure elements (potion)

+1 Inix Leather Armour of Shadow
+1 Kukri
+1 Hand Crossbow
Cure light wounds (potion)
Mage armor (potion)
Pass without trace (potion)
Ring of Protection +1

Amulet of Natural Armour +1
+1 Light Chitin Shield
+1 Jhakar Leather
+1 Chakram
+1 Longbow composite
Cure light wounds (potion)
Cat’s grace (potion)

Treasure Tracker

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